Oia village is built on the cliff, the architecture of the houses was usually dome-shaped at the top and a level
below,the colors that where used back then was white that symbolizes the light and blue that symbolizes the
sea. Enjoy a walk on the marble pedestrian street of the village or wander through its small picturesque cobbled
streets.Taste traditional appetizers in the restaurants and after you adventure enjoy the magnificent sunset.

The village of Pyrgos is at the highest point of Santorini.It is a picturesque village on top of which there is a male
monastery open to the public.It is worth visiting as from there you will have panoramic views of the whole island.

Unlimited volcanic energy

Santorini is aone of the most cosmopolitan islands of Greece, famous for its unique sunset.
Once you visit it you will immediately feel the energy of the volcano and the view of the caldera will
enchant you. Enjoy a catamaran excursion swimming in the hot springs, dive and snorkel into the deep turquoise waters, hike on the mountain path that connects Fira town with Oia village and maybe do
a wine tasting of local wines produced on the island. Later don’t arrange anything… It’s sunset time!

Lost or not?

Enjoy a catamaran excursion swimming in the hot springs, dive, and snorkel into the deep turquoise waters.
Hike on the trail which connects Oia village with Fira town (10 kilometers/6 miles). On the way you will cross Oia,
Imerovigli, Skaros rock , Firostefani, and Fira. The views are breathtaking be prepared with sunscreen, water, and
hat it will take approximately 3 hours.

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