Spoil yourself by enjoying a glass of wine from the fine varieties of the island overlooking the sunset. The
Bay house is a unique Yposkafo in the heart of Ammoudi bay, away from the crowds but in the pulse of the
island. The area is protected traditional settlement, that’s why houses like this are few. The property combines the traditional element with modern notes, that makes it ideal for your holidays.

Secret gem with with many beliefs and legends

The island has a lot in common with the myth of the lost Atlantis, how about discovering? Due to the geology of the island it is a pole of attraction for many researchers and travelers every year from all over the
world in order to admire its wild beauty. Churches on the edge of the cliff, caves, underwater finds, volcanoes and enchanting sunsets are ready to seduce you. In the bay of Ammoudi and the wider area many
years ago pirate items have been found. Who knows what else remains to be discovered?

Tiny island infinite flavors

On the island you will find unique delicacies due to the peculiarity of the climate such as. Round cherry
tomatoes with a special semi-sour taste, “catsounia” which resemble normal cucumbers but have seeds
and grow without water * ideal snack for hot summer days*, meletinia which is a traditional mainly Easter
sweet and contains cheese, fava beans traditionally grated in the cheromilos and of course the local wines
that due to the volcanic soil have a characteristic taste The best known of is vinsanto, sweet red wine made
from white grapes… Yes you read that right!

If you are on the island on August 15th, do not forget to visit one of the churches dedicated to the Virgin
Mary and celebrate.The whole island is in festive rhythms, the locals prepare traditional dishes accompanied by music and dance.It is a great religious celebration and a solemn holiday.

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